Should Zorin OS have a Pay-For Version?

Adding custom pieces to conky should be enough also... hello lua!

Half would give up in 5 minutes or less. I doubt it would have the impact we hope it would.

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That right there, is exactly how I felt when I was buying Zorin OS 16 PRO. I was so excited that my hands were shaking, I barely got through the ordering page. And once I got the ISO downloaded, I jumped up and I said........ !!!YES!!!

But then I was like, well wait, hold on, don't get too excited now, double check the 256 checksum. Well, I did, and it passed, and then I gave one HOORAA! Man I was so happy to be installing OS 16, I just couldn't wait to make my post on it. HEHE


I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Funny how we can get so excited about a Linux distribution and installation. And then we get to do it all over again, at least me, when is Zorin lite comes out haha.


I feel terrible about this... But I must bust your bubble. You won't get to.
Zorin OS Lite Pro is included with Zorin OS Pro. When it is released, Pro Users will get a download link for Zorin OS Pro Lite without getting to pay again. :frowning:


Yes of course. I wasn't clear. Not to buy again but to install again that'll be bees knees! :smirk: just to find out what will be included and to discover anew.


You could donate using the link and pretend to be paying! LOL.

Donate Link:


The people who pirate, that too a linux distro, are simply the ones who never had any intention of paying anyway. If Pro had not been a choice, they would have simply downloaded the core version for free.
So in a way, Zorin is not missing out on potential revenue, if it wasn't even going to come in the first place. But what pirated Zorin is acheiving, is making those pirates give a reason to try Zorin out and some of them might try to donate in the future if they really like the product.

Treat Zorin Pirates like Zorin Core users with bad conscience.


This can go in reverse, as well. Given the nature of Zorin OS, it seems odd that a person would bother to pirate it in the first place... Unless something was in it for them.
And that "something" is what should concern you.

A pirated copy of Zorin OS may contain malware, spyware or other non-Zorin alterations. This would give any users a poor experience with Zorin OS and they will not accept guilt or blame the Pirate Provider. They will blame Zorin OS.

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This would give any users a poor experience with Zorin OS and they will not accept guilt or blame the Pirate Provider.

I think this part is true. It's possible that malware copies get distributed and the person who pirates has a bad experience with the OS.

There can only be one possible solution to this, and I quote Gabe Newell,

"We think there is a fundamental misconception about piracy. Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem."

So maybe ZorinGroup needs to come up with a way that either makes the paid version difficult to pirate by having some sort of activation mechanism or make the free version look as good as the paid one but that's going to come at a cost.
If the Core edition provided same features as Pro, mainly in the appearances section, then maybe pirates would have no need to pirate the Pro version.
I say this because when I first installed Core, there was a text saying that Core is at a disadvantage when it comes to choosing layouts. The apps and support didn't bother me as much since Support is an online service and apps can be manually installed but maybe not the layouts. I believe that's the only reason why they're pirating, to get more layouts but I am not a 100% sure.

Oh and I'd like to bring attention to this well-established Linux youtuber named 'Mental Outlaw' who's outright promoting the piracy of Zorin images.

I think Zorin team should try to at least reach out to him and discuss this, many of the comments are also mentioning the same thing.
He just straight up showed how to download a Pro ISO from a random pirate website, this behaviour should not be encouraged and at the very least requires a discussion.

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I don't believe it is the only reason but I think you are correct that it is a major reason.
When it comes to the Incentives to choose Zorin OS Pro, layouts and appearance equally seem to be strong.

Totally agree. Core gets you what you need. Pro is extra that I don't see a problem paying for. I paid for it. I'm sorry if money is tight but Core gets you everything you need so you don't have to pay for it. I'm tired of the cheapos in the Linux community who think they don't need to contribute for anything. I'm sure I'm ticking off some people. Oh well. Zorin OS, 16 especially, is worth every penny they are charging for the Pro.


It's indeed extra but is it really worth to pay 50 euro's for it ? for 4 skins and a few pre-installed apps. I think Zorin should handle the payment system a bit better so you can chose how much you want to donate. Now it's more like you pay for a complete os, while linux "normally" is free. It's not a choice anymore.

Sample: The thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS ⋅ elementary OS

When you write 0 euro, you can still download.

I cannot agree with this presentation, at all.

Zorin OS Pro is not "more complete" than Zorin OS Core or Lite. Zorin OS Core and Lite are complete. Completely complete.
They are 100% complete.
Zorin OS Pro does not unlock completeness.
In any way whatsoever.

Second, Zorin OS does manage the payment system so that you can donate however much you want.

Lastly, you are not choosing Zorin OS pro for four skins and a few pre-installed apps. You are choosing it For Zorin OS.
We all know that ZorinGroup does Zorin OS full-time. This is not a sidejob or a hobby. This is what they do.
This is their job. Choosing Zorin OS pays the developers for doing their job, which includes developing, adjusting, meshing:
Zorin OS Education Core
Zorin OS Education Lite
Zorin OS Lite
Zorin OS Core
Zorin OS Pro
and... the development of:
Zorin OS Grid
Zorin OS Direct Upgrade.


Zorin OS Pro should be regarded as "added value" rather than other flavours being less complete.


We all have the choice. Get Pro and Pay. Get Core and don't.

Really, who is anyone to question the Zorin business model? If someone really feels that way, they can take their own time and create what they want themselves, and then give that away for free.

Please, don't forget to donate...


You can't live of thin air and you can't grow either. People should donate if they can... or donate more.


One solution is to pay for some layouts, or other things.
Offcourse i agree that donate for support or buy Pro version, ( i think pro versions should have more then 4 new layouts).

But developers need this boost for get this working like they already work...excellent.


What you pay for is to support development. What you get is four layouts, bundled software AND installation support from the DEVELOPERS. That is more than worth the amount asked.

Microsoft has been charging hundreds for its os and have you ever had a developer help you with an install? Devices? Software? Who better knows the ins and outs of the os? Who better to help with those issues?

Did you ever contact Microsoft or Apple and complain about their pricing? Did you also ask them for your share since they are selling your information?

Why is this thread here?

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Here's my story... I chose core to see if I liked it. I started modifying it to suit my tastes. Now I'm at a point where I want to get pro to support the dev team, but I'd also really like the core to pro upgrade. I definitely don't want to start from scratch. More than likely I'd just download pro and throw it on a thumb drive to get lost somewhere. So for people like me who have tried it and liked it, what percentage are actually going to come back and donate?

I'd definitely pay money for a version that came with a good looking Conky! I spent a few hours messing around with that last night till I finally decided my time could be better spend hitting myself in the crotch with a mallet.

To be honest, I think the idea that all Linux distros need to be free is a bit antiquated. There should be a trial to make sure that all the basic functions work on your machine (I had 3 different lightweight distros that wouldn't recognize the touchpad on my little cheap Chinese laptop), then a paid upgrade to the full system. I'm an adult now, my time is worth money. I don't have the time to "hack" a system into working (see the Conky reference above). I figure I can swing a few bucks for a full operating system that does what I want.

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