Should Zorin OS have a Pay-For Version?

Yes, but using Elementary OS is much like sitting in a Jail cell with no view outside.


Elementary OS is heavy to computer. Pass... hahahaha


Thank You for that wish StarTreker, for that would be an awesome Christmas present and a great way to spend 30-45 installing, setting up on Christmas morning before I open any presents.. However, it would also be the best Nov 8th present I've ever received. As well as Nov 9th, 10th...

Rui07, I think we all have a couple DE/distro's we really like. I've hopped, sure you've hopped distro's too, it's natural to see what's out there. My fav 2 have stayed the same for 3, 4 years. Zorin Lite & Mint XFCE. I've dabbled with KDE, went back to Cinnamon, Mate couple times. Just had a 4 month fling with Feren. And outside of ChaletOS (My 1st awesome Linux experience), my other one has been, and I can't see any reason it will never be, is Zorin Lite. For me personally, I find it the BEST Overall... But that's me. For my selfish needs. I want something that's quick, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and just plain ole' works!
I know, I ask too

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I second that!


Distro hopping? Well I don't know if it was called distro hooping cause I even didn't stay a for more than 1 week in those distro ,(Antix 1 1/2 day , MX Linux XFCE and Fluxbox 1/2 day, Lubuntu hours, Mint LMDE hours, EndeavourOS and Arch aren't compatible with realtek so pass, Garuda wants more ram so pass) cause I usually judge by one look if it will be my like or not in anything, everything. Mint Cinnamon, if only my ram can afford its usage, I stay with it but well. So ended up with Zorin OS. Cause I believe I'm about to destroy my laptop because of changing OS often.


You could save your home folder. Your os and conky config files are there. You'll only have to reinstall the software. So backup your home folder and get pro installed. Drop home in the same spot (if copy from your name so you don't have to drop it in root, but either way will require sudo).

Anything worth doing is going to take a little time. Reinstall, bout an hour... configured the way you want... hours/ days the first time, then just mount the home partition and away you go (see the partition & install zorin 16 tutorial). Once the partition is made, you won't realize you're fighting to a seperate part of the disk... or seperate disk altogether.

Configuring conky was fun. Took me hours to get the information just right. Kde has widgets that are similar, so don't use conky now.

Most people don't donate. Zorin wouldn't introduce a Pro version and work on other paid offerings if individual donations were enough. They are a for-profit business, not a non-profit. People forget this.

People who don't like the idea of a paid Linux distro have the option of using the free Core version. This is not Windows, they have a choice.

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See, that's an issue. There is a donate page.. yet they still have to charge because most don't look for it or notice it... you can visit it here.

Your good intentions and honor system idea is commendable... but due to all the lazy, expect everything for free (but still think they should be getting paid to visit) people, this is necessary and should be respected.

Politically correct or not, they spent time in college too do this... it's not easy. There are concepts some people can't fathom, others have difficulty with and others still need to take time to understand. None of this comes naturally. They deserve to be paid... they earned it with every version of the os.

Agree or don't with their business model. They have every right to do what they are. If you want to complain about anyone giving the idea... go talk to the people at redhat... they are the first to monetize Linux.

Utopia doesn't exist, never will, and things are as they are. This discussion is rather moot. Can't put the rabbit back in the hat.... not to just get pro for free.


I don't want to offend anyone with my comment, please know this. But this whole topic, discussion has been in my mind for a while. It comes down to a choice. You can pay, or not pay. It almost reminds me of a kid who on Christmas complains because Santa brought him a 50" flat screen TV for his bedroom when he wanted a 55". Or someone who says they can't afford the $39, or £39, but they went to McDonald's 15X the last 2 months due to convenience and ease instead of making their own meal.

If you don't want to pay, then use Core and be grateful...!!!

I also came across this article. Have read several articles by this Evangelho. He writes a bunch of Linux stuff, whether you agree with him or not. It comes down to, the Zorins' have the right to do it as they desire. And I choose to pay. It's that simple.

Came across this article:


This is good. Setting out to offend is discouraged. However, the other side is just as true:

No one is granted the right to go through life unoffended.