Show git in nautilus

I often forget what folders are git projects.
Is it possible in nautilus to show me I'm inside a git folder?
I was thinking about:

  • Unhiding the .git folder, but hiding all the others?
  • Showing a git icon?
  • Changing the background color?

But other solutions will do as well.

To address this... show you how? Do you mean in the terminal?
Or in the nautilus pathbar?

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I would prefer somewhere in Nautilus.
I wasn't thinking about a terminal solution, that would also work.

This is the method I use:

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You shouldn't change the name of a git folder (by removing the period). This is how git will identify and verify the directory as well as configure the files inside. While it may make it visible and more accessible to you, it would break the local repository.

If you unhide hidden and system folders in nautilus (ctrl + h) it will be visible.


I'll try to show the current git repo in the terminal.

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