Show Public IP as Widgets

Hello I would like to have a public IP to be always shown without me having to curl -4 or look into whatsmyipaddress most of the time.

I was wondering if integrating gnome.extensions would solve the problem but I'm not so sure, I kind of having problem with integrating into Zorin

Specifically I was following this: Public IP - GNOME Shell Extensions

which leads me to its github: GitHub - rostegg/public-ip-gnome-extension: Tiny extension for gnome shell, which show public IP and nothing more

And I tried the command git clone ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

And I have restarted my gnome desktop but welp not sure where I did wrong, or couldnt afford to invest so much more time in this and turns out it'll not work ;/

What about running the command in a conky?

It worked with conky but often times there are missing parts of the config that I loaded, the default doesnt show my public IP either

I do not understand this. Did you use a premade conky? Did you configure the conky?
I may be confused since I have no idea how you are applying this...