Shut Down option in the Zorin menu doesn't shut down

The tooltip and image for the option of a button in zorin menu indicate it'd shut down the computer but all it does is log out.
That combined with windows like one for installing software always starting off taller than my laptop screen(1366x768) and no working setting for disabling blanking out the screen after a time and requiring me to enter my password again made me decide to stop using Zorin, it's clearly not intended for laptop use.

Hi, and welcome.

Are you sure you are trying the correct button? Could you also try to run this command on a terminal window, as per the screenshot belowshutdown now?

As for the blank screen, you can find related settings under Settings -> Power. You can disable Automatic Suspend so that your computer will never enter into sleep mode (which causes the account to lock), or simply select Never for the Blank Screen setup.
Note that you have separate options for when the laptop is plugged in to power and when it's running on battery.

The screenshot below lacks a few options as it's from a virtual machine but yours would have even more that you can play around with.

I'm not too sure about the third issue you mention about windows opening using larger dimensions. Did you ever change the resolution at all? You can try to change it to something else and then back to the appropriate size again, see if that sticks.
Another trick you can use to easily resize windows, press the Super or Windows combined with one of the arrow keys to snap the window in focus to one of the sizes of the monitor.

For example Super + would maximize a window, adjusting itself to whatever screen dimensions you have available. Super + and Super + wold have similar effects, but taking half the screen in the selected direction.


Before stopping to use Zorin OS definitively it's better to ask help here, maybe there are some ways to fix the problems you faced.

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Welcome @Endymion to the forum.

While this may be your current experience with Zorin on a laptop, this is not a common problem. Many factors may be the cause of this issue. I had experienced something similar on my Acer laptop, but have not experienced anything like it on my newer Asus laptop.

Hardware, BIOS settings, kernel and library versions and bugs all can have an impact.

In Windows, you could press Alt + F4 and receive the shutdown dialogue. In Ubuntu based distros, you can use Ctrl + F4 to have a similar effect. Instead of a shutdown dialogue, it will be like running shutdown now in the terminal. It will immediately shut down the system.

Many use this OS on laptop computers. Not many run into this issue. You would know this if you had searched the forum, which would have produced similar threads. I could only find two, but did not see a solution in either of them.

Common resolutions to this issue are following and in no particular order:

  • update the BIOS to the latest edition for your computer model
  • Remove the CMOS battery for several seconds and re-attach
  • Replace the CMOS battery
  • Update the drivers for you Video card
  • Install a newer kernel to support your hardware or to gain the bug fixes for your hardware.

Change requires adaptation. You can not expect any version of Linux to be Windows. It is different in every way. There is no point in trying something new if you are not going to give it a chance. Did you turn your nose up when you went from driving a car to a truck? Car to a motorcycle? Both do a similar task, but the way you interact with them and how they handle are completely different. Under the hood (or seat) you will see similar components, but they are not interchangeable, performing the same purpose. Understanding they're conceptual functionality is great, but does not allow for you to recognize the nuances and issues per vehicle.

The same applies here. If you don't come into linux with an open mind, ready to customize it to really try it out, how can you expect it to work for you, be comfortable to work with it and learn anything about it? Consider this and re-evaluate the feedback you provided. Asking for a solution would give you a better chance to really evaluate the OS and see if it's for you.


ctrl+alt+del works on both Windows and Zorin OS.

I think alt+F4 closes an Open Window, rather than shutdown the PC.


Yup I just tried that and it only closes the window you are presently working on ..... scared the ■■■■ outta me thought I had done something wrong ..... :laughing:

Yes, Alt + F4 closes the currenttly focused program. CTRL + F4 closes the session and powers off the computer.

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In my case alt + F4 doesn't work at all despite key combo is set and both keys work, I see them being detected when pressed on the virtual keyboard. Not that I really need this key combo, the activities overview is a good replacement.

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