Shutdown rhythmbox app in zorinlite(xfce)

rhythmbox in zorinlite(xfce) still work after closing it's window , and run in pulseaduio plugin, and to stop it , i just click on pause button in its icon on plugin.

What's the problem?:sweat_smile:

the problem is that i don't want it to run in background, when I close it , it should completely close. :worried:

I have also faced that. I also use Rythembox😅

I do not use Rhythmbox, due to several preferences - that being one of them. I dislike the gnome apps that like to keep doing things behind my back.

I have switched to Exaile. Lovin' it.

Nice one. I did not know about that. But I use VLC for playing music as well. It does the job.

There are a lot of media players available on Linux. I guess it has high demand...
A person could spend an entire day testing them all out.


i found plugin can do that, I have downloaded and extracting it and putting the folder in that path /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plugins and its working good now.(close on hide).


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I would definitely try that😁

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