Signal Desktop Ending After Aug 30

I currently use Signal Desktop for most of my messaging and love that it's been available on Zorin. But, I'm getting a notice from the app that in a month it's basically going to stop working because Zorin uses such an old version of Ubuntu as its core.


Anyone got potential workaround for this?

In actuality, this is not an issue with Zorin OS Desktop (Which is still in its life time and fully supported) but due to Signal Desktop balking at Screen Scaling.

Signal Desktop is not reacting to the LSB-Release file or anything. It is reacting to the Scaling of the screen and deciding that the resolution must be an old system and therefor, that you must update your OS.

If you do a search, you will find that Signal Desktop users get this same warning on Windows 10 and 11 both.

This has been reported to Signal Desktop devs as a bug report. In the meantime, you might try changing your scaling if you are using factional scaling or your screen resolution or Font Scaling to see if that gets rid of the nagware.

I see it's available both as snap and flat on the Software Center, do you have a .deb of it or something else? Maybe installing another package removes that warning.

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Thanks all! I don't particularly care about the warning. Just don't want to lose the ability to send/receive messages. Sounds like that won't happen..?

If it is a Snap or Flatpak, then most certainly the Zorin OS version is not relevant, at all.

I honestly have no idea.

Often, these types of warnings sound threatening, but usually mean the app will still work but not get supported updates.

But it may well mean it will stop working. The best place to ask would be the Signal Desktop Developers.


I was thinking that the app could work as flat or snap as doesn't depend completely on the original software since they're sandboxed, so that specific warning may not appear.

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