Similar way to backup to Windows System Restore or MacOS TimeMachine?

I am new to Linux, never been a terminal geek but a lot of the apps I want to install and play with require using the terminal.

Since I am new and learning I have already wrecked my system once and will likely wreck it again.

I assume there are no backup/restore tools built into Zorin, or any Linux distro for that matter, and was wondering what Zorin users would suggest for some one like me.

I am looking to perhaps use TimeShift to give me some system restore type functionality and Déjà Dup to backup my home folders?

Ya you should to exactly what you said. Back up system files with TimeShift and backup with Déjà Dup.

Use Clonezilla to clone a copy or better to another ssd before you wreck it again. Then clone the good one on to the original ssd before you wreck it again. You can wreck it multiple times for the learning purpose.

I use Clonezilla for over 10 years. It saved me from a tight spot in numerous occasions. The GUI app based on Clonezilla is also available Rescuezilla. It is easier than Clonezilla for beginners.

Both apps create a compressed disk image. You do not need to have a large backup disk to store the images.

I just use the default that came with the Operating System, I use TimeShift from Linux Mint and Manjaro. I use Deja Dub Backup because default for Zorin.

Thanks French Press, that looks like a good third option.

I like the idea of timeshift because if I wreck anything it is more than likely would just be the OS.

Correct me if I am wrong but the thing that scares me about clonezilla/rescuezilla is that if there is any data that has been created since the last clonezilla backup then that data would be lost.

I am assuming that timeshift would be easier to rescue a borked os without losing user data that has occurred since a full image backup?

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Thanks Kedric, I assume when you say Deja Dub is default for Zorin that Deja Dub is already baked into the Zorin OS?

Just do a backup with Timeshift if you edit anything within the root folder. Backup with Deja Dub for user data.

It's installed by default, I just install Timeshift because I used it for almost 2 years, and it hasn't failed me.


My solution is to have a separate SSD where I back up my personal data on a daily basis. This way, there is at least 2 copies of personal data. I even went farther and have another 2 copies - one on the home-made NAS (OpenMediaVault) and Mega (cloud service). Mega has a Linux application which integrates into the file manager nicely. You can sync any folder of your liking to the MEGA cloud in real-time.

Important thing to remember: You do not own the data till you make a backup.

I don't I just have everything important in one folder, I also copy the folder to my Google Drive and One Drive.

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