Simple, easy resource to learn Linux terminal commands ...?

Is there a simple, easy resource (like a book) that explains in full how to use the Linux terminal? I know about the multiple resources that are out there online and also on this forum (like this one, for example - click here), but the more I look at these same resources, the more apparent it is that Linux commands almost form their own language, so to speak (and with its own syntax, too). When I learned Spanish in college, the professor used this terrific textbook that made it easy to learn Spanish and I passed the course. I would like to have the same type of resource in print so I can study it and learn more about the Linux terminal so I can master it more (and use Zorin more efficiently). Something that lays out the syntax of commands and explains why things are done the way they are. Bottomline: Is there an "idiot's" book that does what I am asking about? Thanks to all.

Follow-up post:

What about this? (Click here.) Or this? (Click here.)

This ought to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

Am open to all and any suggestions you have. Thanks.

Got no idea about a book in English, but can recommend to use Fish shell as a help

Does this helpful?:

The first resource about Linux that I ever took at look at was, short and concise overviews of all the fundamental topics in a nice format, easy to read and search for.

The Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition is an excellent introduction and reference book to have around to recall commands and their options. Being a book, it far more complete and with many examples.

How Linux Works, 3rd Edition is more advanced talking about the inner workings about Linux, from the boot process to how devices are recognized by the kernel, etc.

The Debian Administrator's Handbook is all about Debian, but it just so happens that many of the concepts apply to other distributions especially those who are derived from it (like Ubuntu, and by extension ZorinOS).
It's also free to read online.

I don't read these back to back in one go, but rather use them as references whenever I need to look something up. But I'd still recommend going through them as it clarifies many things that seem simple but have some interesting quirks to it.

I wouldn't recommend using another shell to start with. Bash is the default shell in most distributions and the one you will find more often even in things like Windows Subsystem for Linux, Docker containers, etc. The commands won't be different in any case, it's just a matter of ergonomics as shells like ZSH and Fish provide nice features to make the use more comfortable and efficient. My advice would be to get used to Bash first and then try other options.

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It is not a Book but a nice Video. A little bit fast but show what Commands so do. Look Here: 60 Linux Commands you NEED to know (in 10 minutes)

Thanks to EVERYONE for their input.

I will also go to a local bookstore and look.

Want to make sure I pick the best one for me.

Also think I'll use VirtualBox for practice.


This may be a matter of personal preference but I truly dislike this type of videos. There's very little context provided, if any, as to when you should use them or what options are commonly used, etc.

I would probably recommend something like this channel that talks about things more calmly and with more context, without trying to cheat The Algorithm™ into increasing the view counter.

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As a Summary I find it a nice Thing. How the Channel is I don't know; for me this Video was the Point. I only look in 3 Channels. 2 of them are german and the third one is The Linux Experiment.


The Linux Experiment is nice for staying on top of news. I also like Juniper Broadcsting and Michael Tunnell.

I understand what you mean about the summary, I just think it's worth spending the extra time to find some actual tutorials that provide more value. Otherwise is like trying to read a dictionary to learn another language.


Here's 20 top free resources for Linux commands :grin:

VM is good for practice, too; easy redo if anything happens! :wink:

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I also just remembered this playlist exists, and currently being expanded at about new episode/video a week:


Thanks to everyone. I still haven't had a chance to go to the bookstore. Will try today at some point. I'll keep you updated.

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Final update: Went to bookstore.

Checked out the below book.

Liked what I saw. Ordered on Amazon.

(Bookstore - $40; Amazon - $20.)

Will be delivered tomorrow. The end.

P.S.: Happy Linux-ing!


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