Simple one-click solution with password prompt for Bitlocker encrypted device?

Greetings Zorin Users and maybe Devs,

until now I had a great experience with Zorin OS Core, but there was a problem a few days ago, which was not there as I used pop_os and ubuntu.

I have a simple question:
Will there be a simple one-click solution to mount an bitlocker encrypted device with a password promt, like implemented in pop_os or ubuntu? Not the standard answers like use dislocker and type the 3 to 6 commands to mount the drive.

And as further details: Please no comments or tips like encryption is unnecessary, just use other programs like veracrypt or LUKs encryption, etc.

I was negatively surprised to see how poor the support was for Bitlocker encrypted external hard drives. For a distribution that promotes itself as a good alternative for former Windows users, this is a real pity and could be a no go for inexperienced users.

Is a simple solution in the making? If so, is a release date known?

Simple question, simple answer please. Maybe it is just a "no", that would be fine and we move on to another distro.

Greetings from Germany :smiley:

OS: Zorin OS 16.2 x86_64
Host: Latitude 5421
Kernel: 5.15.0-58-generic

There is currently no information on whether such a feature is being considered.

You might consider submitting a feature request to the Zorin OS Developers.

Just a reminder that effort is often a two way street - as it should be.

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Thank you very much for the incredible fast answer.
Are you able to provide me an link, where I can submit a feature request to the devs?

Please scroll down to Contact Us:

You also can start a thread in the Feedback Forum covering the request.

The devs check the forum regularly and is a great way to contact them, just tag AZorin and zorink with @ in front to notify them. The feedback category is a great place to post such a thread. You can also directly contact them by the form at the bottom of the Zorin official site about page About - Zorin

Not many choices without dislocker...

There's this:

Free for 15 days, $19.98 after that.

sudo apt install libbde-utils

Then, to mount:
sudo bdemount /dev/sdX /mnt/bde -p <password>
sudo mount -o loop,ro /mnt/bde/bde1 /mnt/ntfs

To unmount:
sudo umount /mnt/ntfs
sudo fusermount -u /mnt/bde

I'm currently perusing the Ubuntu repository to find the package you mentioned that makes it built-in to Ubuntu... there may be a chance we can install it on Zorin OS.

[EDIT 2]
Nope, the only things mentioned in the Ubuntu repository are dislocker and libbde... so perhaps one of those contains the code that makes it one-click?

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This halted me a bit as well. I am not sure about POP_OS, but I have never heard of anything for Ubuntu that adds any ease to Dislocker, which is as troublesome on Windows as it is on Linux.
If it was part of the base Ubuntu Utilities and / or a part of MOK in any way, it would be included on Zorin OS by default. If the O.P. is already familiar with software that allows such ease, they may have an advantage in suggesting something to the ZorinGroup.

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