Simple photo editor with a retouch tool?

Much of my daily workflow involves using the retouch tool built-in to the macOS Photos app where I remove logos or other labels or identifiers from pictures of industrial equipment/machinery. The macOS Photos app is quick and simple to use, and not overwhelming like other 'more capable' apps.

Here's a quick example of what I'm talking about (not my image):

Is there a Linux equivalent app that I can use?

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Probably GIMP


I like using Fotoxx for this sort of work. It has a simple, straight forward interface with tools specifically gear towards photo correction. It also has some photo organization tools, like a meta data editor.


Thx for the suggestion. I played around with the Fotoxx Smart Erase tool for about half an hour but found it very poorly implemented and severely lacking. Maybe I'm asking it to do things it wasn't designed to do.

I will give Gimp a try.

For larger areas that I need removing, I use the cloning tool. I use smart erase for smaller imperfections. I don't know if it would be of help, but you can read more about Fotoxx and its capabilities on it's parent site, here: Fotoxx - Linux Photo editor and Collection Manager

Thx for the input. I searched the app, the page you linked, and also the Fotoxx user manual for a cloning tool but cannot find one.

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Click on the pencil icon in the toolbar, select "Clone Image" and then follow the instructions in the pop-up control window. In this capture, you can see how I cloned a portion of the grass and painted over a section of the menu in the image.