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Since a lot of the videos I record off of YouTube have pretty bad audio, I have been looking for an audio booster for Zorin 16. I looked at many apps in the software PAK, but everything I found was for very deep video work. Does anyone know of a simple App that just boosts the sound? Thanks a lot.

How much boost? If you are referring to Volume, pavucontrol will slide to 150%.
It defaults to max volume at 100% which can be increased by opening Pavucontrol.

Do you mean boosting the sound of the output in your computer? You can look at "Easy Effects" in addition to the suggestion from above by Aravisian. Otherwise you'll have to edit the file using something like Audacity or Ardour. There's also a command line utility called FFMPEG that you can use to automate this task (haven't used this but I found this article that may be what you're after).

I mean boosting my pc volume beyond that which the pc now has. Taking the vol controls to 100% still does not result in legible audio on some videos. I will try both of the above. Thanks.

This was just what I needed. Works great. I also tried the Easy Effects, but it would not actuate for some reason. Anyway, thanks to all for the suggestions.

Gday @Dave31 ,
Glad to see you've found a solution.

Could we ask you to Please update your profile to show the Edition of Zorin OS your using.

This saves us asking & you having to repeat it, If any future help is needed. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, should have done 5that earlier. It is Zorin OS 16.3
I was able to update my profile. Thanks.

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All good :+1:
As you on Zorin OS Core, you can permanently set the volume boost via..

as per photo.

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