Sims 4, VC++ runtime failure

I recently downloaded the sims 4 from origin on my zorin laptop (using lutris), and when the game enters the ‘finalizing’ state, it eventually comes to this failure: The Error: VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. I’d like to know if theres any way to fix this,

You can try this: but I have not known my Wine games to need any VC or Directx installation. I use PlayOnLinux and if a game doesn’t get installed/work with the 32 bit option, I try 64 bit and usually that does the trick.

The sims 4 isn’t available in the games listed in play on linux and neither is origin…

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you can install the windows version of steam within playonlinux then install sims from there or try steam proton within steam on the zorin os itself

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