Since latest update NVidia 535 proprietory driver Monitor switches black after ~10-20 seconds

I think the problem began after the latest NVidia update (not very sure!)

Although i have set the monitor mode not to fade into dark in my energy saving settings of zorin the hardware switches to black after several seconds.

I found some hints in the internet that "ubuntu" does the same thing in certain circumstances and hardware environments.

So i investigated that i had to check if DPMS is enabled or disabled.

-> commandline
xset -q

delivers that it was enabled

-> commandline
xset -dpms

disabled it and made a bash script in my homedir and made it executable and set it to start automatically after re-boot.

For now the monitor behaves like before the updates and doesn't fade to black any longer.

Anyone else the same?

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Yes, though I would need to search the forum, a few members have commented about experiencing black screen on Zorin OS 17 that will persist even after disabling DPMS.
Others have noted it happening more quickly than the settings say they should.

I am on the 545 driver with 6.6.5 kernel on 16.3... So I have not experienced this personally since my testing of 17 Core usually was very active without leaving it to sit.

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in my case it was not enough to switch DPMS off at once but make the command executable every boot. So it is persistent :wink:

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