Single click vs double click

Hello still learning, but am all in I have totally devoted my laptop to Zorin Windows 11 is gone, but how can I change from just a single click opening all files and folders and so to make it a double click action? I have looked all over and can not seem to find the setting I am sure it is something simple just got me confused for the moment.


That would be in the files settings i believe. Should be a preference if you click the three vertical dots while you are in nautilus. Up by the title of the window.

You can also press the alt key and when the menu bar appears click edit -> preferences or view -> preferences or file -> options/ settings

It's one of those


Yes that was it, found it. Thanks for the assist I am sure more to come as I delve into this OS


Don't be afraid to look around... unless you are hitting delete or its asking for the sudo password you aren't changing anything that can't be fixed. Just pay attention and use good judgement. I'd say common sense but it's been my experience that it no longer exists. Feel free to start another topic if you search the forum and can't find something similar to your issue.

Make sure to check the tutorials and guides category we have here also.


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