Skype installs but doesn't work

Recently have installed Zorin Ultimate 15 Lite on PC of ageing sister etc. All OK except Skype installs but won’t work. First rejected email and password used in WIN 7 & 10. Refused to alter PW and said email address not private (xxxxxxxxxxx Downloaded Skype on my personal PC (Zorin 15 Lite) - all OK but said “browser not supported”. Is there any way to make Skype work in ZorinOS?

  1. The login issues are Skype-specific - you’ll have to ask in one of these places:

  2. Regarding Skype not working, did you use the snap version? If so, please remove it using ctrl+alt+t for terminal, then sudo snap remove skype
    Then install from here:
    The deb file should be skypeforlinux-64.deb. Assuming you download on your desktop, use terminal again with: cd Desktop and then sudo dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb

I uninstalled Skype Snap version. Restarted PC and reinstalled snap version. Called my contact on mobile. Password and email now accepted and call connected properly with video. Sorry for my query. All sorted (hopefully).