Slightly odd behavior when emptying Trash

Hello, this is my first topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, on a Fresh install of Zorin 16 Core (on an NVMe Drive) I'm noticing a slightly odd behavior each time I'm emptying my trash can.
A notification from Files/Nautilus appears saying -> "" is Ready

This is not normal is it ? :thinking:

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Those are system notifications; it is letting you know that the nautilus file manager has launched. I find it annoying on Gnome... Especially when I open a large number of instances in Gimp.
You should be able to turn that off;

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Oh, but the notification string seems broken/incomplete then :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean where it says

"" is ready?

Yes :thinking:

"is ready" notification pops up when an app is opened and it isn't focused. Clicking on that notificaiton opens up the app.
There are extensions in gnome which can remove the notification and focus the opened app.
(Focus my windows doesn't seem to have download option for gnome versions above 3.18)
I have not tried this, you may.


Ohh, ok I see now, I thought something might be missing in those quotes !
Thanks for the answers.
Edit : I ended up installing Focus my window - GNOME Shell Extensions

Notification is gone and focus seems to be given to the actual window.
I'll be testing this more over the next days.

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