Slow apps opening

I installed zorin os lite, i also update but when i try to reboot its take more then 3 minutes.
And its take too much time (2-3min) to load home screen and same happened when i try to open apps.

Your computer specs, please.

Also the slow opening of apps, are they only specific apps or generally?

Computer specs
Model- acer emachines E732Z
Processor - Intel Pentium P6100 2 x 2 GHz, Arrandale
Graphics adapter- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD Graphics
Ram- 1gb
And slow opening of apps is generally

I don't think you can get more out of zorin 16 lite as your specs are very very low. You might try a Linux Distro that run on 1 GB. Zorin 16 lite requires at least 2 GB to run smoothly.

Please suggest a distro that run on 1 GB

Lubuntu or Linux Lite could be something. They have RAM minimum at 1 GB

Thanks a lot :star_struck:

Or Puppy Linux or Antix. I am a fan of Antix, myself.

on another laptop that is very old and low in specs, I have had great luck with LXLE distro.

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