Slow double click to change file name - Unavailable on Nautilus & others?

I have tried numerous file apps, but none of them use the commonplace procedure for quickly renaming a file.

Normal file managers handle files as such:

If it is already highlighted and you slow click the filename, you can rename it.
Otherwise, if you slow click it 2 times it makes the filename editable.

No, I am sorry, but right-clicking to rename is not an intelligent or rational way to rename a file. It's more unnecessary steps. It's also cumbersome and awkward.

After trying Nautilus, Elementary Files, dolphin and nemo - only dolphin has this ability. My other problem is dolphin is a KDE/QT app so it looks atrocious (even after adding KDE themes) and Elementary files and Dolphin don't have the look/feel/features I require.

So, my question:

Is there a way to enable this normal behavior in Nautilus as that is my preferred file manager? or, am I out of luck?


Nemo is a Cinnamon (GTK) app, not QT nor KDE.
GTK themes on Nemo work perfectly fine.


Hoping for a solution to the original intent of the post. A normal way to rename files.

(Also, edited the original post as I meant dolphin, not nemo. They really need to stop naming everything after 20000 Leagues Under The Sea)


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select the file/folder then click (F2)
This is the shortcut to renaming.
As for a fix for the slow click i think, your out of luck,!!
( yes the old windows slow click,)
I found l get use to it & also it prevents those times that your a bit slow & just wont to open the file/folder, but it goes to rename :frowning:
Hope this helps.

again, F2 is not the solution I am looking for. Partly because it is an asinine way of doing things, but also because I use a 65% keyboard which means I would have to hit 2 keys to enable F2.

This is a normal feature in at least 1 file manager and a normal part of both macOS and Windows.

There has to be a solution, plugin, edit, rc file or something that will solve this, but my google-fu has turned up nothing, so far.

It seems Nautilus used to have the feature, but Gnome removed it:

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Alternatively highlight the file & hold (Alt) then click (enter) , you can then rename the file.

Yeah, saw this, too, so it WAS a feature which means there MIGHT be a way to re-enable it. Whether that's a recompile of certain files, I have no idea as that thread was the last thing I saw and it doesn't reference what they changed/removed.

While finding a solution, you may want to hold the right mouse button, move the cursor to Rename and then release the button, you save a click :wink:.

I use F2 key because double-clicking to rename a file may accidentally open the file.

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