Slow Internet on Torrent Client?

I have noticed this quiet recently, During my files were on Download the network speed plugin on the taskbar shows me my data speed in kb's which is also, true for the torrent client download speed. I thought it was my router issue. But as soon as I turned my browser brave on (installed via apt) and started browsing, the network speed climbed to mb's and the download speed increased on the torrent client qbittorent (installed via apt). Like only when I use the browser, like when creating this topic my network speed is high or it is very low on 300 kb's.

Why is my Torrent not downloading files fast until my browser is Working?

The speed plugin is that only for qbitorrent or is that for all data use? it would make sense it would increase if it is showing all network data being used (it would be showing browser + torrent use).

Another possibility is ISP will throttle data when torrents are running, and unthrottle during normal use - the normal type http/https traffic can be triggering this unthrotteling - is it instant or does it take the torrents a few minutes to slow down?

The other thing im thinking is that qbitorrent for some reason is not keeping the nic active so its going into lowpower (powersave) mode, and throttling.

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Yes it is for all data use, It is available in the panel right?

As soon as I run the browser I see all my data coming into use. But, running the client alone gives me nearly no Data.

It works as fast as a bullet when the browser starts and search.

If you used the tor window of brave, then we found the culprit. This is an underrated bug and can be fixed after a restart. One of the background process reserves the network configuration for brave only and slows down your WiFi .If your WiFi Spikes up only during the use of brave then you are facing this problem. It is generally fixed after the restart :wink:

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I am currently using it :hushed:
Should I restart, what will happen to my downloads?

If you are not doing any important work then yes, Torrent Downloads resume after a restart, you need to launch the torrent application after restart.


Fixed, Downloads nearly completed at this speed. Thanks :heart:

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