Slow loading store Zorin OS distribution

Greetings, I reviewed several Linux distributions made in Ubuntu, both official and unofficial, and all of them load the stores quickly, except for Zorin Os, which loads the store slowly, how do I solve it? or because it loads slowly, both the store and install something from it.

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Zorin OS includes a somewhat enhanced Gnome-Software Software store.

The Software Store on Zorin OS includes several plugins, including the handy one you can see when you select an installed app and a button appears on the upper headerbar that shows the Source of the package; whether it is installed from Snap, Flatpak or APT.
This may be the cause of a slower loading time.

You might try running

killall gnome-software

then, clearing the cache at ~./cache/gnome-software
Launch Gnome-software, let it load (slowly), then close it out and then launch it after a few minutes and see if it improves any.

You may also try using preload to help speed up application launching times.

sudo apt install preload

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