Smbus error

Hello, i use zorin in the VM, and i wanna say zorin is good looking, when i restart zorin os without using the vm option, it restarts, but whenever it boots, it pops up a error called piix4 simbus controller not enabled, it also happens in ubuntu, and kali linux, or other, im worried of this error, i try to fix it but it still wouldn't work.

This post describes the cause, consequences and means of removing the error:

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i dont understand
and i try to do the commands but it not work
i try dracut comamnd and try to install it but it says that i dont have free space in disk

In the VM, how much HDD space did you reserve and how much RAM did you assign?

wtf is a hdd and wait lemme check how many ram well i cant find how many ram, so yea imma try installing zorin os with nvidia drivers.

HDD is Hard Disk Drive.
When you set up the virtual environment, there is usually a Slider to set the amount of RAM to assign for the virtual machine.

Umm ok in hard disk SCSI i have 18.1 GB which is the current size
Its maxium is

Can u please make a tutorial

You may be better served by vetted tutorials already available on the web. For example if your VM is VirtualBox:

I use vmware

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