Snap package instead of Flatpack in Zorin Store (How?)

Good afternoon Tell me how to make sure that there are applications from SnapStore in the native app store? And how to completely remove Flathub? flatpack apps don't work properly, unlike the same Snap apps (I'm talking about IDEs from JEtbrains, Telegram, etc.)...

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The source of an application is listed at the top right when you install.

I also agree. Snap packages have given me more far less trouble than Flatpaks for that type of application.

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You can open Snapcraft directly to browse its contents.

Same for flat packages, so on Flathub.

Some software pages on the store allow you to choose its source though.

Personally, I simply uninstall the software through its store page and then remove any folder left over after the uninstallation in home/.var/app. As flats installs on the hidden .var folder you have to show hidden stuff on your files manager settings.


This is probably the best solution actually. That way they can be absolutely certain he is getting the Snap package.

They can run the command to install that is listed on the application page.

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Personally, I would always go for DEBs instead of Snaps or Flatpaks if possible.


In a perfect world, that would be the ideal. And with open source software this has always worked out for me. Sad part of the story is that this doesn't always work out with proprietary software. Steam deb package just won't launch some games, steam flatpak works. Steam flatpak itself stops launching after nvidia driver kernel update. Steam snap will still work. Discord deb package will have trouble connecting all the time, when the client is outdated. You'll need to wait a couple days until the package is updated. Discord flatpak and snap are updated much faster. Zoom will not connect, if your deb package is outdated. You need to wait for a package update. The flatpak and snap are updated much faster.
Now you can say, you can just not use proprietary software. Well, yeah, then I can also quit my job, which forces me to use Zoom.
Steam and Discord are personal decisions of course, but I don't wanna miss out on gaming.

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You mean the ones that use Proton? Just curious.

I won't argue that the client not working properly because it's slightly outdated is not a problem... but to be fair, this isn't a problem of .deb or .rpm but with the design decisions that those companies made about their software.

With Steam in particular, I'm a bit surprised since it has it's own update mechanism so you don't need to go through the package manager if you don't want to. I haven't checked if this is the latest version, but it comes from Steam itself so it'd be surprising as well.

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Thanks that's a good link!

While it can be problematic when discord and zoom don't automatically update as many other applications, they offer a link to get the update and instruction on how to install it. The update is avaliable for all package types at the same time. You have to manually update it.

Apt is a little behind because the devs have to update the repo, but doesn't mean an update isn't available.

I use the .deb for all of these as well as IDEA, Android Studio, VSCode and Codium, without issue.

Exactly. What couple of days are needed? That's a new one to me, too.

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Thanks everyone for the replies! Yes, I do that (snap install phpstorm/etc) .. I just wanted to install through the Zorin built-in store.

Then open the store settings and choose snap and deb as sources or, eliminate the issue by removing flatpak since you don't use it sudo apt remove --purge flatpak.

A particular one that I remember was Civ VI. It would not launch with Steam deb. It would launch with flatpak or snap.

I agree. It isn't a problem of deb. Still, me not being able to connect to servers forces me to use snaps or flatpaks.

With Steam, the problem was not connecting or it being up to date or whatever. The problem was the .deb package would not launch some games, whereas flatpak or snap would.

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Then I am maybe not skilled enough. I remember in particular not getting Discord to update properly manually before the update made it to the repos.

The couple of days that it takes for the update to be in the repos. I feel flatpaks and snaps get updates sooner.

I see. I misunderstood your sentence at first.

I must be honest though... I hope I never see the day that I fret over getting an update to Discord (Which I never notice any difference whatsoever between the many updates I have gotten so far) two days later than someone else does.

If it was a couple months I might see the point.

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I agree. It is not a big deal at all. It never upset me. It was just that when I had a meeting planned with friends and Discord needed an update on that very day, I had the choice to either not meet them that day or use the flatpak/snap. I usually had one of those installed as a backup for these cases.

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It's not recommended to run multiple package versions of the same software. This to can break functionality.

Better to check, on occasion when a 'meet' could possibly occur, and install any updates as you find them.

Usually I am notified of an update, the link takes me to the package download link. I download that deb, double click and install it, and I'm upgraded without issue.

Granted, it's not automatically done by the package manager, but it's not so difficult a process either. If I know I'm going to use software for a meet, I always ensure functionality prior to that time. I like to be prepared for things though... not a common mindset among today's populations.

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