Snap vs native software (Blender)

What is the preferred way of installing software (Blender) on Linux?
I have the option to install trough the native software 'store' or trough snap.

I understand snap is a universal system so I may get updates faster, but it starts slower because it needs the load all the packages?
And the native distribution may integrate better and be more stable?
Is this correct?

I'm on Zorin OS 16 (based on Ubuntu).

I use Blender and prefer

sudo apt install blender


Why do you prefer the command line way?

Because the package gets regular updates, is not bloated, is stable and everything works. It loads quickly. It is a debian package, so it is easy to modify or troubleshoot. It also meshes well with the system and any theme I am using.

Snap is bloated, still has security holes, loads slowly, does not offer any features that the apt version doesn't have, is sandboxed and has trouble being integrated into the system, does not use any system theme and is not easy to dissect and modify.

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With apt you must update is yourself, right?
Does apt always download .deb packages?

I noticed some snaps keep my theme but other use an ugly default theme.

Sorry for all the questions I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the install method :sweat_smile:

No, updates are sent through and you will either be notified from the system updater or you can set it up to be automatic.

APT does, yes... But Ubuntu pushes snap and it WILL sneak Snap packages into the Main Universe Repository without notifying the user in advance.


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