So as not to only focus on my wifi driver issues, here is my first take on my FW experience

When the FedEx guy dropped the box on the front porch and I picked it up, I was thinking it was not complete due to weight.

Got it in the house and opened it up, all the while knowing that I did not have time right then to install the OS.

Taking it apart so that I could install both memory modules, the Samsung storage, and the included 6E AX210 vPro radio, was as every other review I've watched or read. The battery was not charged, so I had to get it plugged in. After it had enough of a charge to boot, it came up to the well known No Operating System Detected screen, but that is a common welcome for anyone with any history within the DIY community.

It is light, sturdy, the screen is flexible and moves a bit, but it works. After I got Zorin installed, the display is clear and bright enough even on low or power saving mode. The modules insert along molded tracks, and lock securely into place securely. It is a little difficult to remove them, but I welcome that tight fit over having them fall out due to poor engineering or a loose fit.

Fingerprints are noticeable on the wrist bar, but I'll take that over a fabric glued on wrist covering.

When your inside everything affirms the details presented on the outside of the laptop. Everything they sent internally has a QR code, the people involved are listed by name, the single screw head and included are a very welcomed design and sales benefits.

I'm certain that I'm preaching to the choir, but wanted to give an honest initial review.

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I moved your thread from Feedback to Chat area since it is not a feed back regarding Zorin OS. This will get more attention from the right audience.

I love seeing people getting into these Framework notebooks, it just tells me that some folks are really doing their research, into what is the best computer to buy, that supports RIGHT TO REPAIR.

I would have gotten one of these computers, if they were available back in April, but there wasn't any PR on them, much less them being available on the market at that time. I am so excited to see posts from people, who are using Framework notebooks. :grinning:

I love how they are fully modular, not just the individual components can be replaced, but the ports are interchangeable as well. It really is a feat of engineering that we haven't seen in the notebook computer space before. And they are really pioneers in RIGHT TO REPAIR!

Please, continue your review with more information on all grounds of that notebook, once you have used it for a few weeks, and then provide your final words after maybe a few months of use.

I think you are a total super :stars: for owning a Framework notebook, at least you are in my eyes.

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