So is there a free way of making it look like windows 11

im on core just wondering if i can make it look like windows 11

Yes, mostly. But I am not sure how exactly since I have never used Windows 11. :wink:
With a few screenshots, I could probably whip something up.


Have you tried this?


can you install that in zorin os 16 core

Yes, and the theme is already installed.

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than how do i chagne it to windows 11 than

the link Donald posted contains links to the Icons and Arc menu Extension.
It also contains dash-to-panel extension.

You can enable all of them once installed using Gnome-Tweaks.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks


how big are the file where do i have to put them

The theme comes with Zorin.

Icons can go into /usr/share/icons

The extensions install to where they go.

Only the icon set is large- and you could skip that.
Just grab the Windows (app menu) icon if you want it.

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i dont want to break it if i get how to install i install it that way

If you are anxious about breaking the system for making changes, you could use Rescuezilla to make a whole disk image so that you can easily revert back to where you were before making changes.

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i installed the meaus to install but it broke it but i fixed it by shutting down my laptop and turning them off



i had 2 menu bars

Yes, Dash-to-Dock and Zorin Panel.
Pick one to enable and disable the other.


oh ok i just uninstalled gnome tweaks

Why uninstall gnome-tweaks?

i was thinking it did not work

or maybe im worng dont know maybe i a fool for thinking it did not work

Gnome tweak tool does work, but managing Gnome-Extensions does take some getting used to.