So you want the Overview/Activities button on the right?

If you have a Right Windows key, make it the Overview key in Tweaks rather than the Left Windows key. If not, you can swap R Ctrl with R Win (tho nonexistent) in Additional Layout Options.

Just got this KB, BTW. No R Win key but very compact with large, illuminated letters in blue or orange. Love it. Sending back a more expensive board.

You can also swap Alt and Win keys but that will affect both sides of the KB. Or use Input Remapper if you want to use some other key.

Update: I'm using R Alt. Remapped it with Input Remapper.

That's funny. There should be no ads on this forum.

Recommendations for hardware, especially at a reasonable price, are welcome to assist users in resolving their issues. The same type of recommendation was made for usb network adapters and Linux capable laptops. It should be relevant to the OP.