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My Software Center currently has many updates pending my interaction. I have Software Center updates preferences set to never auto-update - mostly because I swear I was told that Zorin didn't need anything from this Software Center that seems almost as useless as the Windows Store. I've taken to just installing from APTs and DEBs.

Lots of these purported updates seem to be different versions from one another and I am not 100% sure if any of them are required or even recommended for my system/OS. I want to update the correct ones for fear of causing errors with this OS in any way.

Didn't want to click update or uninstall/re-install anything before asking here due to the contents of the below post - don't want to break gnome-software or any desktop environments. Please hold my hand and make me feel okay again.

Also, installation size is another reason I wanted to hold-off... if you take a look at each's size ranging anywhere between ~150MB - ~400MB...

There is another thread that touches on a similarity here:

That said, system updates are not the same as Software Store... but the Software store will check for all updates.

I looked over both screenshots and can assure you they are all safe.

The reason why you are seeing different versions is due to the presence of Snap and Flatpak in the Software Store.
Those package tools are seeking to update dependencies for themselves.
You can allow them, if you want. IF you are using Flatpak or Snap packages, they may be beneficial.
You can check with

flatpak list

snap list

You will see some Zorin Stuff listed that are Duplicates of the standard packages. That is normal, those are included in case the Zorin OS User is using Snap or Flatpak. So you should know right away if you see anything listed that you Know That You Chose to Install.

If you are not using either and do not intend to do so, you can do as I do and remove both altogether and solve the problem entirely.

sudo apt remove --purge snapd flatpak

Thanks friend. Will give this a shot and report back...

Before I do, I'd like to ask if you are aware if any of those packages from Snap/Flat would contain anything my base OS installation needs or wants; to make it operate more smoothly in any way or some other dependency-related reason?

For instance; sure, a Snap/Flat package would want to install latest version of which they're aware. Would those versions contain anything mindblowingly different than the version which Zorin wants to install?

The above would be great if the concern were only about notifications to update. If there are differences, how different to Zorin's would they be and would there be any benefit to updating a Snap/Flat package over the same Zorin-related package from Software Updater/repos.

They do not. They are for Flatpak and Snap packages only.

No, not really.

I was pointing out that Gnome Software checks for Software Updates, as well as Update Notifier.

In some cases, the flatpak or Snap package is a Later release. That may be a benefit for some packages.
I see no benefit, myself... so I remove Snap and Flatpak entirely.

Ok awesome work, thank you!

With regard to the notifications thing, I understand how that could have been read as a facetious remark; I want to ensure this wasn't the case and that instead, I was merely using that as an out-of-context example to bring my point home.

happy hallow's eve and all those other holidays too

Didn't come across that way to me.
I realized that I was completely unclear as to why I posted that link and needed to explain it after I figured I created confusion.

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