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hey i install xiaomi adbfast boot tools but i don't know how to setup it can anyone help

Do you have the Oracle Dev kit installed?

Where did you get your copy from? To launch, you should be able to extract your download, then launch the .jar file. I do not see one in your screenshot...
Did you try the usual

sudo make install


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1st of all i never installed oracle dev kit

2nd thing i have already extracted that file which i have shown you in screenshot

and last shall i run this command in terminal which you gave

If you open the README in the xaomi folder it should have instructions on installing and using the software.

Downloading and opening an archive is not installing software.

Probalby needs to be compiled before use. Look for Readme file or their site for instructions.

Depends on the software. When working from home I had to install Braille Blaster for Linux and that just needed extracting and giving executable permissions to certain file/s. Same with Browsers such as Tor or icecat. I had to downgrade java though from 11 to 8 in respect of Braille Blaster.

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