Software, searching, is there a way to tell which software type it is?


I am using the software app in Zorin 16 Pro, and when I search for a new app, i.e. Slack, there are 2 versions available, if I click into in I can see one it flatpak and the other is snap.

Is there anyway to display this information at the search results so I don't have to click into it to find out what software packaging type it is i.e. deb, flatpak, snap etc etc.

Also is there an option to tell us when it was last published or updated ?

Thanks in advance


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If you know which application you want and the format you want, just add flatpak after the app name and it will only come back with that:

The only information available is the version number for each application and depending on the app, a link to the official website. This is because the Software channel was written by Gnome Devs not Zorin Devs.

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