Software setup related issue

hey i have downloaded a windows file it starts as an first time .exe file user agreement ,permissions work but at end when it's time for starting the software it sucks how shall i start it and when setup permissions in it it creates a folder with that name and it contains many files
software name is adb app control

this was folder created by it

i installed it from this site ADB AppControl - Official website. Free download

You can actually install adb in Linux, but to be honest I have not had much luck with ADB on Linux. I usually endup reverting to my Windows 7 64-bit Pro when dealing with Android and sideloading TWRP.


Wine (windows app support) is unable to open (support) many .exe files. You need to find an alternative for Linux or switch back to windows (for your conveyance)


can you suggest me a gui based linux alternative

If you are asking for GUI Alternatives For Linux

and you seriously want to consider every option available check out the websites of these Linux GUI's and surely this will give the basic Idea of the every GUI available. If you like it, Install it :joy:

( Recommended )

  1. Pantheon
  2. KDE
  3. GNOME
  4. Cinnamon Desktop
  5. Xfce Desktop

(Good But Not Recommended by me)

  1. MATE Desktop
  2. Unity Desktop
  3. LXQt Desktop
  4. Enlightenment Desktop

Just Consider the one which suits you the Best :smile:

If you are asking Linux Alternatives

Check out the websites for the following :smile:

  1. Zorin OS ( Personnel Favorite for Low end PC's/notebooks)
  2. React OS
  3. Elementry OS
  4. Kubuntu
  5. Linux Mint ( For Work PC's)
  6. Chalet OS
  7. Feren OS
  8. Peppermint OS
  9. Kali Linuc (For Something Verrrry Professional )
  10. Solus OS

i am not asking about linux os or enviroment i am asking for the adb app control software alternative for linux

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There is no exact alternative but, these apps do the same work, but with more steps :man_shrugging:


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