Software Store Problem

Which version are you trying to install? Snap, flatpak, deb? Which os are you running, zorin 15, zorin 15 lite, zorin 16, zorin 16 lite? Have you tried in the terminal:

sudo apt install gimp

I wanna update gimp but terminal says it's already upto date with latest version while the gimp says new version is available.
zorin os 16 and it's flatpak

That may be for a flatpak or snap. Unless you uninstall the apt version and install the snap it won't update.

They use different versions and doesn't necessarily need updated. You're using apt, which is better though it may take a little longer for updates to come down. The updates for the others are going to include libraries that are already in your system and updated with the os.

Don't worry if software store is complaining updates are available. This is based on the version number alone and not on the security and library updates that are available.


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