Software -Store stops working (often)

I have a problem that the Software-Store stops loading, and as a result I need to do a reboot or do [killall gnome-software] + [sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software].
This happens basically always, probably after a sleep time, that makes me think this is caused by WIFI reloading.
Is there anything I can do as a more permanent fix for this?

Gday @theiz , Welcome to the community!
Could i ask which version of Zorin OS, 16 or 17beta?
Is this a new installation? (dual boot or not)

Could tell us your computers spec's?
Storage + size (ssd/hdd):?

If a new installation, what program did you use to create the bootable device (usb stick?)
eg: Rufus,Startup disk creator,etc?

You may also like to try changing your server in "Software & Updater", this is normally defaulted to "Main Server", change to a server near yourself & see if this helps.

If you have Snap or Flatpak packages, try launching terminal and running

sudo snap refresh

flatpak update

to see if any of them are causing the hang up.

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