Software Store

Is there any site that lists all the apps that is available for Zorin OS in the Software Store i saw that Discord was available?

You can boot from a Live USB and check what is available in Software.

I've never used it.
I hope someone could answer this question.

Discord is available through the store as a flatpak. Personally (my own private opinion :wink: ) I would download the .deb package from their homepage instead.

I use better discord:

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Is it possible to completely remove Software Store (safe ofc ) ? I prefer terminal for all installation xD

Doing so will also try to remove the Zorin Gnome Desktop.

Oh..Ubuntu is really messed. On Arch I can easily remove store, and add them back. It seems that Ubuntu based distros have dependencies on everything xD

Gnome has a lot of interdependent packages.


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT remove the Software Store. This will be the equivalent result if you were to remove your Linux kernel as well, in other words, its gonna break your system real good.

There is nothing wrong with the software store, its good for quick software lookup and install. Do I prefer it? No!

I prefer Synaptic Package Manager, because I believe that it is the best GUI package manager for Linux, its really quite powerful and quite useful.

Terminal is also a powerful too, and if you don't mind learning a few commands, Aravisian's expert and amazing post on it will have you good to go.


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My husband does not know what the "Software" is.

Tell him its like the electronics store. You walk in there, and you are instantly overwhealmed with everything in the store. The initial scent of all the electronics tech can even be overwhealming, but you love it!

Suddenly, your like, oooooo, I want this, and that, and I'll take that too. But then you realize, you don't have 5000 dollars on you, so you start putting things back, and get the thing you really went in there for, a USB flash drive, sold to the fine looking man for 10 dollars!

The difference is, the Software store, is loaded with apps, and its FREE. Yes, you pay nothing, and a 0 percent off nothing sale, everything go! Suddenly you find yourself downloading gigabytes worth of software.

But reality is, at the end of the day, you only use maybe a dozen of those APPS at a time, where did the space on your hard drive go? Now your off to the electronics store in real life, and now, your buying a new hard drive, a delicious bit of SSD for 100 dollars, just so you can continue keeping all that delicious Linux software on your drive, and still have room for games.

Or maybe, your a production wizard. Yes yes, you want the space now don't you. Well you got it now, hopefully you bought enough. HAHA YES SIR, the software life for you it is.


Who Tells A Very
Truthful Story
About How Many Of
Us Techies Are

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He is not a very techy guy.
He is an artist.

He uses Synaptic for everything.

Best Post Ever.

This is for all those that say Synaptic is for programmers and computer gurus.

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I am not a programmer and I can use Synaptic just fine.

That saying would make much more sense for using the terminal as a package manager. This is because terminal requires spelling, and syntax to be 100% accurate. So I would get that comment about terminal. But with terminal, you just needs Aravisian's awesome post to help carry you along, and you will do fine.

You could say that ARCH is for programmers though, cause your going to need to be a programmer to understand and fix it. No beginner is going to handle Arch, and I been on Linux for over 6 years and I can tell you right now I won't even attempt ARCH, cause I know I won't be able to handle it either lol.