Software update error: " 1.79 was not provided by any .service files"

Zorin-16.1 core / Software / Update / always generates this error but updates do occur. The error also pops up if I click the "refresh" icon.

Can you please open a terminal and run

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates

Open ~/.cache and remove the gnome-software directory.

Reboot and test.

Thank you for the quick reply. I followed your instructions and rebooted. There is still an error message when I click on the refresh icon, but it's now different:


fwupdmgr --force refresh

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You may want to use 'wget' before the force refresh as on a post in a different site:

Also, based on earlier comments in that thread, make sure that your updates are pointing to 'Main Server' and not your country locale one where you reside.

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@Aravisian Thank you -- I think it's fixed now. I did a refresh using the icon and it completed with no error messages. :smiley:

@swarfendor437 Thanks for your suggestions; I didn't get to try them because the last suggestion from Aravisian seems to have fixed the problem.

Glad you got sorted.

I saw some comments you and others made elsewhere about Software Updater, so I created the following script which I am planning to use instead of the GUI. It seems to work.


#This script updates all packages, snaps, and flatpaks
#Similar to Software Updater, but includes warnings and requests

sudo apt update && apt upgrade && snap refresh && flatpak upgrade

echo "finished updating packages, snaps, and flatpaks"

This command alone fixed the issue for me also. I didn't try the previous previous suggestion.

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