Software update error Sep 28, 2021?

Thank God!

Remember I said in my video post that sometimes problems with updates can be server side? Looks like I was right.

If we can't get this fixed, we might have to get you on Zorin OS 16, simply because, there is no 32-bit support any longer. But seeing you able to get some available updates in your last screenshot makes me happy.

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I've been getting sporadic updates and installed them fine since the repository issues yesterday. My Dell is x64 and is installed Zorin16 64-bit, so I guess not having 32-bit stuff shouldn't affect me. But, hopefully it gets fixed, since seeing the errors is bugging me. LOL.

My 2008 Lenovo x61, luckily is also 64-bit. I don't have any more pure x86 systems anymore. That's good. I won't have to worry about the support issues when I later on install Zorin16 on them too.

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That is very good! That way you don't have to worry about E-waste!

Sometimes we get people coming on this forum for 32-bit support, and I have to unfortunately tell everyone, there is no 32-bit support any longer, and your just going to have to try Puppy Linux on it. AKA Bionic Puppy.

Cause I can tell you right now, if you can't get Bionic Puppy to run on your computer, then its far too old and needs permenant retirement. Cause Bionic Puppy requires the least amount of hardware, it would amaze you.

You know what, I am going to hunt down the requirements and post them here cause I feel like it lol.


Minimum System Requirements

Puppy has been tested on very old PCs but the best results for the current standard release of Puppy Linux to run at a reasonable pace have been achieved with:

CPU : Pentium 900 MHz
RAM : 300 MB RAM
Hard Drive : Optional
DVD-ROM : 20x and up or USB
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It's so cute. But that animal doesn't look like a puppy. LOL.

Have you tried TinyCore? The requirements is even less. If wonder if it's any good for daily use.

Minimum System Requirements

CD Drive
Wired Internet Connection
TinyCore CD


USB Port
USB Memory Stick, also known as a USB Pen Drive with a known filename on it; this will help you to identify your stick.

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I've had a similar issue a few weeks ago. Did the partial update then waited a few days and everything else installed without issue. I believe star treker hit it on the head this time.

It's a beaver. Cute lil guy.

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I know, he's so cute! :blush: :dog2:


After 10 days, I still have the repository errors. I wonder whether it'll ever end. :rofl:

Hello Yuk, nice to see ya dude! Yeah, I don't know what is going on with the repository. It seems to be having trouble fetching from Launchpad. I am sure you've added a 3rd party repository and it could be that IDK. Sometimes I've had to remove a repository I added cause it prevented me from updating.

It's possible. But, it seems Zorin i386 repositories are the only two giving me the messages. I'm not getting errors for any other repositories.

But, I'm still getting updates/upgrades regardless of the repositories error messages.

If they are 32-bit libraries, they need to be removed. 32-bit support is no longer present in the Linux kernel. So trying to get any 32-bit libraries will fall on deff ears.

I wonder why Zorin OS didn't push to have them removed automatically during updates.

Hmmm, yes, i386 only in Focal, right?
That may be it. In Focal, there will be no 32bit support at all.

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Yup. Those two, the ones in the screenshot.

The trouble is, any failed repo in the Updater can halt the entire process.

That's annoying... Grrr....
Could Zorin do anything about those sources?

If you could, please send them a PM with a link to your post with the image.

Just did, to both. :grin:

Zorin team did their magic and fixed the repository issue for me by refreshing their driver database. Although, they mentioned it was rare and only I ever reported it.

I then chose yes:

Back to normal:

Yippie! I no likey see errors. :rofl:

Thanks @AZorin @zorink! I Appreciate your dedication to Zorin distro and handling our multitide of questions, feedbacks, and issues!

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Not only did the Zorin team make an awesome OS, but they also built an online community through the support forum. I'm grateful to have active members in our community like you, who both enjoy an OS, and making friends with others who enjoy the same.

I'm glad the Zorin team were able to solve this issue so both you and your computer, can be happy again. :blush:


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