Software Update Sources Issue

This is what shows up when I go to the updates area of the software store...

Another user posted a similar situation earlier today but rebooting resolved it: Can you please try rebooting and see if you have a similar experience?

It works, ty. Weird though, must've been some small update.

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After a few hours it's returned. It seems to come and go every few hours.

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If you hit alt+F2 and enter into it r (Just the letter "r" which stands for restart) and hit enter, will Software then work as expected?
If so, restarting your Gnome-Shell seems to stop the issue temporarily and narrows the point of examination.

May need to clear out your cache... You might also check that the following package is installed and is the newest version:

sudo apt install ubuntu-drivers-common

As well as:

sudo apt install software-properties-common

Both already installed, will try the restart if it appears again