Software Updater (Bug?)

I installed Zorin for the first time over a week ago. Each morning when I boot I run the software updater. For some reason (I don’t recall) I decided to stop the app before it was finished looking up the updates.

To be clear: I did not stop it during actual installing. I think I pushed the ‘cancel’ button while it was still searching for potential updates.

This ‘broke’ the tool from that point forward. Meaning any other time I wanted to check for updates it would return an error message. Forgive me I didn’t write the error down but it was something like “unable to connect to update server”.

Typically another try or two would make it work, often revealing an update had been applied.

I wiped the system and reinstalled Zorin.

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If you encounter this in the future, can you make sure the Settings have it pointing to the Main Server? Also, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Thanks, I will.