Software Updater - configuring virtualbox-dkms

Hi all - Any idea why the updater on 17 Pro would be stuck on "configuring virtualbox-dkms"?

I'm facing the same problem. I read somewhere that it might be caused by enabled Secure Boot. I'm afraid of breaking my system when I disable Secure Boot so I perform a backup before I try this. Will report next week, maybe someone else is faster...

Virtualbox is installed and runs fine. Don't know what dkms is.

Backups are good. But disabling Secure Boot will not break your system.

The way secure Boot works is that it will not permit at boot any unsigned software to initialize.
Microsoft signs the packages.
So, yes, GnuLinux software must be signed by Microsoft if you are using Secure Boot.
Signed Software means that Microsoft has deemed it "safe."

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I had a power outage when it was doing an update, and update has been stuck ever since.

After disabling SecureBoot, virtualbox-dkms can be configured without problems. Problem solved for me.
It would be nice if VirtualBox was not installed by default while SecureBoot is enabled by default as well. This issue might effect lots of Zorin users...

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