Software Updates Stuck Pending Zorin 16.3 Pro

Hi there, since installing Zorin OS 16.3 (fresh install), 5 applications have been stuck 'Installing in my Software Center.

  • Freedesktop Platform
  • Gnome Application Platform version 43
  • Gnome Application Platform version 44
  • KDE Application Platform 5.15
  • KDE Application Platform 6.4

How do I clear these? They've been sitting for hours and persist through reboots.

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You might also try using terminal;

flatpak update

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Those look like Flatpaks in your screenshot.

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@Aravisian and @Turtle11, appreciate the quick response.

flatpak update definitely did the trick, took about 3 times but all completed.

I'll keep the other link handy as well for troubleshooting software center. Thank you both!

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