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I have been running Zorin for a few days getting used to the system,i remember when i first installed the OS there was a notice for new updates which i installed,today i thought it odd i hadnt seen any further update notification since install and just ran the software updater which has found a security update and software updates for Libre.
My question is should the OS not check for updates at launch ?.


Have you checked the settings in "Software & Updates"?
You can adjust it to show every updates every day.

Hi,yes I did check settings and they are the same as your picture,with the exception of subscribed too,for some reason no matter what option I click on it shows "custom".

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So to go back to my issue,on the software and updates gui on subscribed to section only custom is showing,when i try to change it to all updates or any other choice the selection box goes white for around four seconds then remains on custom.

While looking online for a solution to having only custom showing in the subscribed to section of updates i found the below comment.

" If your current update config does not match one of those three options (for example, if you have opted in to -proposed), there should be a fourth, checked, option — “Custom” — and this option should persist until you close System Settings. (UI for configuring -proposed should be provided by the Ubuntu Contributor Console.

Can anyone understand the above ?.

If you change your Updater Settings - then it defaults to "custom" since you have changed them. They are custom set, once you change them.
So, it saying "custom" is normal.

I dont recall changing anything in Updater Settings,i checked my settings with the image Storm posted above and they are the same as his except i have Custom in Subscribed to section.
The only thing i changed was the server location in download from,but i dont feel this would change the selection of what updates you select to download.

I'm not positive, but Zorin probably uses "unattended upgrades" which are done in the background, like Ubuntu does. I see that the "unattended upgrades" package is installed in Zorin. So these updates you don't see when they happen, and you don't need to supply a password.

As to the "custom" setting, you might look at the "other software" tab and see if something there is checked that might trigger the "custom" option being set.

The thing is apart from changing the download server location I haven't changed anything in the Software and Updates, it's just when I noticed Custom and tried to change it that I noticed a problem.

I have re-read the thread from the beginning, but I am uncertain as to what the problem is...

You will get alerts, as @Topaz also alluded to, if you do not run the updater for a short while.
So, let's say some packages get upgrades in the repository.
After a certain amount of time, you will be notified that there are available upgrades. However, if you should Run the Updater or run updates in your terminal prior to the time that the notifier kicks in, you will see those upgrades right away.
When I upload upgrades to my own repository, I often will run the updater manually in order to get and test the upgrades on my packages so I know everything is working. But on some rare occasions, I am busy... and forget to immediately upgrade - usually that evening or the following morning, the updater will pop up the notifier.

As to the "Custom" subscription:
You may not have changed any settings at all, but if the config file does not match the Ubuntu Default options which are:

  • All updates (security, updates and backports)
  • Security and recommended updates (security and updates)
  • Security updates only

Then it will show as custom. It may be that in order to properly address one of the Zorin OS repositories, the config file is set for Zorin OS that differentiates from Ubuntu - setting your subscription to "custom."

I'm not sure I can explain the problem any clearer but here goes.
1,Apart from the original install I have never received an update notification, I have run Zorin daily and its never appeared. I have run manual checks before shutting down and there is always updates including OS security updates. I have check daily selected so when does it actually check for updates.
2 I haven't changed any settings in the update gui so why is my config file not matching Ubuntus, and more importantly how do I fix it, I'm wondering if the setting showing as Custom is linked to me not receiving update notifications,for it to be custom you have to have changed the preferred option which I didn't do.

How many days is a few days?

Upgrades, when uploaded, are given a priority status: Low, Medium, High or Urgent.
If any upgrades are prioritized as Urgent, notifier will appear more quickly.
However, medium, for example, will not kick on Notify until the upgrades are left unattended for a while.

Running Zorin for nine days now, however I was not aware of the graded updates and how that affects the notifications, so I may just run a manual check daily.
However I would still like to sort this custom problem as I haven't changed any settings for it to show custom, is there any way I can try a reset to go back to default?, I tried clicking revert but that doesn't change anything.

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