Sogou IM and FCITX

Doing some web searches, I found a suggestion to remove the Sogou configuration files that may be plugging the works from ~/.config

mv ~/.config/SogouPY ~/SogouPY

rm -rf ~/.config/SogouPY

Here is the page in question that contains more suggestions:

EDIT: Also found this... I do not know how much may be applicable to you but it might be worth going step by step through and comparing it to the steps you took to see if anything doesn't quite match - may provide a much needed clue:

I liked the reasoning behind “who's in charge? - Fcitx or Sogou - eliminate Sogou config” ... made sense to me.

Alas, nothing changed - even after changing the language option to "zh" and restarting Zorin a couple of times.

I will try to wade through his thicket of verbiage (saw this one before) and see how I go. Also the set up for gaming - although I will be feeling pretty desperate by then.

Will be a couple of hours later, however - she who must be obeyed has spoken.
I tried to follow his instructions, but failed at ...
Go Releases · laomocode/fcitx-sogouimebs · GitHub and download sogouimebs.deb at the bottom of the page.

Does anyone know where I can get sougouimebs.deb?
Does anyone know what it does? Google was not helpful.

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If I make no further progress over the next couple of hours, I'll give up on Sogou and follow Lei Mao's advice on installing Google Pinyin. It will cost me saucepans to the head ... Google being vastly inferior to Sogou when it comes to idiom, completions, and guessing, in general, what you want.

That is very interesting.
For Japanese input, Google Nihongo (Mozc) is so good, it eradicated other IMs including commercial ones. I gave up ATOK last year and completely switched to Google Nihongo in Windows machine.

Hi FrenchPress. Interesting question - I will come at it from two different directions. Firstly ...
As far as I can tell, Chinese, even compared to Japanese, is context sensitive. Even with explicit tone marks (eg wu4 can be 物=thing OR 勿=don't), the correct meaning and, therefore character choice depends greatly on context. Sogou, in the hands of my wife, seamlessly gets it mostly right ... her typing speed is impressive. Her in-China colleagues seem mainly to prefer to type via Sogou.
Which brings me to secondly ...
At her almost 80 years of age, I know I'm in trouble if I deliver the Google tool rather than the Sogou tool ... flying saucepans. That is sufficient reason to drive me down this path.
I should add that the place where I should be able to get support - Sogou itself - is very poor even for Chinese speakers.

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If you are using GNOME desktop, I suggest you to try XFCE desktop instead. FCITX is way better supported in XFCE environment than GNOME. You might hit some luck.

I think Zorin is GNOME-based - and I have no knowledge of XFCE whatsoever.
Is it a big task for me to switch? Me = been on Linux for five days and am in a semi-constant state of bewilderment.
Is there a penalty for Zorin users who drop GNOME for XFCE?
Still, I'm willing ... how do I go about it?

There are more than one flavour of Zorin.

Zorin Pro and Core use GNOME desktop.
Zorin Lite uses FXCE desktop.

If that is the case, I recommend you to test out Zorin Lite.

At the moment we are waiting for Zorin 16 Lite, but meanwhile you could test a Live USB session of Zorin 15,3 Lite without making any commitment.

Oh my oh my ... that is a world of pain. I'm using CORE 16. Added WINE32 in an attempt to get Windows-based Voov going (almost done)
Sounds like I'd be up for a lot of rework.

Does Zorin 16 Lite support WINE32?

It will when it is out - we are still waiting for it.
I myself need it for my 9 years old Acer Aspire.

I can feel your pain.
I also went through the similar situation in past.
But if you could think of it as a part of your learning process, you could feel a little better (not a whole lot better) :wink:

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She (who must be): How's it progressing?
Me: Well, I'm starting all over again with Zorin Lite 15 in the hope that I can give you - maybe - Sogou now and - maybe - Voov when we upgrade to Lite 16.

Whang! Dang, but those saucepans are heavy!

I think I'll try battling with CORE 16 + FCITX.
Maybe someone in China can come to our aid.

I think @Aravisian could help you to install XFCE on top of Zorin 16 Core. I know it is possible but I've never done it myself.

Lemme guess.
Your mother-in-law :wink:

Mine is 89 years old and I gave her a second hand Macbook (I auctioned it at evile Bay) and she is happy with it.

I will travel down that path ... CORE 16 plus XFCE plus FCITX plus Sogou.

Bad guess - wife from Chengdu - we are both entering "elderly" but can be fairly said to be kicking and screaming every inch of the way.
She needs Voov and Sogou for her online Mandarin teaching ... and I need Zorin because Windows 10 died a death that NOBODY can fix.
It has been a panic stations kind of week.

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I thought I was the one that was pushing the average age of the forum to the higher end :wink:
Never say never.

You could still create a Zorin 15,3 Lite Live USB and see if XFCE desktop could solve your problem.

OK and thank you.
It has been another 16 hour day, so I'll call it quits and try to make sense of it all tomorrow.

I am easily and smoothly running XFCE4 desktop on Zorin OS 16 Core. It is actually still the BETA...

I agree with FrenchPress on this- you would have an easier time, not a harder time, with the XFCE desktop. And do not worry, for all the work you have put in so far, it need not be lost. While installing Zorin OS Lite is a perfectly viable option - you can install xfce4 on your Current Z16 Core, log into it - and use it just as well.
No reinstall needed.

At such time that Zorin Group releases Zorin 16 Lite - you can sidestep over to that desktop environment - again without reinstalling your OS.
If you choose to try this and when you are ready, let me know and we can begin.

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That really does appeal Aravisian. I should be ready at our 6:00 am - about 7 hours away. But this geriatric body really must away right now.
Thank you.

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I spent a couple of hours testing Google Pinyin. I am impressed.
The testing was straightforward - use the IM they offer inside Google Translate.
Google still does an ordinary job at the level of sentences, but it is a good IM.
Good enough to be my ultimate fallback if I fail to get Sogou into CORE 16.
Thank you for all your help.

Earlier, when I was testing various questions about gnome-software, I noticed something that I do not understand and is probably utterly useless.

G'day Aravisian. Worth a try. How do I get to "Add ons"