Solution Found for Remote Printing Issue

This post is not asking for help. I just want to share a solution that I found to a problem that I was having with remote printing between Zorin 16 Pro computers and also between Zorin 16 Pro and other Linux distros.

My main computer is a 2018 iMac running Zorin 16.3 Pro. I have an Epson printer connected to it via USB and local printing was working fine. I also have a bunch of laptops (Macbook Pro(Zorin), Macbook Air(Zorin), System76(Mint), Dell(Untramarine) & Mackbook Air(OSX). I couldn't get remote printing to work with any of the laptop. I followed all the publish guidelines, set all appropriate flags to share etc etc etc. Nothing worked. Then I found a comment in a Troubleshooting section on a Ubuntu form and it suggested that I run the following command on all computers, and it worked!!!!

Here is the command:

"sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 631 -j ACCEPT"

I was so relieved when I got this working. I hope this helps someone in the future that has the same problem.

EDIT: I'll leave the above because it may be useful. But I've learnt since posting this, that I didn't have it fully fixed, but all I really needed to do was allow port 631 in UFW.

Regards ... Tim, Hasting Minnesota.


UFW is the included firewall for Ubuntu based OSs. IPTABLES is another firewall, which is more configurable, but unnecessarily so for most average users.

If you would, please include the command you used, in your original post, and remove or mention that the IPTABLES command will not work for UFW.

As requested by 337harvey, the command that finally solved the problem for me was:

"sudo ufw allow 631/tcp"

The command that I tried using iptables didn't do the job.

Regards ... Tim

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