[Solution][HOW TO] Access to your USB flash drive after you installed Zorin OS with balenaEtcher

Hi everyone. So the other day I installed Zorin OS Lite on a USB flash drive to give it a try. I followed every step from the guide about installation of Zorin, including using balenaEtcher to burn the ISO image into the USB drive.
So after I finished trying out Zorin OS, I booted up my computer using Windows 10 (which is the OS I normally use), to find out that my USB drive was inaccessible. It didn't show up on File Manager, but yet I could still see from Disk Management that it was recognised by the system, but I just can't have access to it.
So searching a bit about this, I found out the solution, from the actual balenaEtcher page. It seems that the problem was with this program, which kept the USB drives inaccessibles.
It helped me to solve my problem, so I wanted to share it in case someone find themselves in the same situation.
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


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I used that no problem. Guide here

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