[Solved] Bad performance of Nvidia 3080/ cannot change resolution, refresh rate

Oof, ermm... I think I also had the option to remove all of the encryption keys which are linked to the secure boot, however I don't think that will be effective as it states they are only used when secure boot is on.

Do you have a suggestion of the things I can try to do? PS. thank you for all the time you are investing :smiley:

Well, Linux offers LVM encryption that is a lot more secure than Secure Boot.
I will not say on this forum that I know a trick to hack secure boot because really who does that?

Installing Zorin also includes the option of install with encryption.

So these may act as substitutes for the Secure Boot with encryption.

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So, I went with a fresh install again with LVM encryption and auto login, disable every secure boot possibility in the BIOS, and now I get to see my wallpaper but I am unable to do anything, mouse is functional but nothing shows on the screen.
I also got the Zorin sound on startup.

Progress is being made it seems

If I had to describe it, it seems like Explorer.exe had crashed :joy:

Edit: the windows Hotkey is also functional, it somewhat dims the screen to show all the workspaces in use. Volume buttons also work.

I am an absolute buffoon.
Ladies and gentlemen reading this and who have helped me, the final issue of my problem was:
I had a dvi and hdmi plugged into my pc, thus my pc recognized both as a monitor. Hence my screen wasnt shown as it wasnt the primary monitor!

Which means, the install went great, I am just an idiot.

Edit: Time to play some games on 165hz in 4k!


Layer 8 issues are the worst to troubleshoot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: