[SOLVED] Direct link to download 16 Core?

I've got it downed on my Ubuntu but can't find a way to install it over Ub. Also, nothing seems to work to put it on a Live USB. So, going over to my old Win7 ThinkPad to down and then write to USB, the Zorin webpage panel doesn't FIT in the 1368 REZ screen, so I can't get it there.

To Download Zorin :- Download - Zorin OS
For Bootable Drive Creation :- balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives


for my old laptop, i need a link ending in .iso
it won't properly display the oversized download panel there. also, already got etcher downed on my Ubuntu but it doesn't know how to handle AppImage

The link of Zorin OS @kaspar provided ends with .iso and for etcher it is an app that opens with an appimage in ubuntu. So, there is no question rising here :man_shrugging:


Here use this :smile:
it also Contains usage manual.


No, for Firefox it didn't, it just took me to the page. Then after clicking download i thought it would be an iso link i could email to myself. But NO, this is the resulting link:

[type or paste code here](ht..zorin.com/os/download/16/core/)

It starts an automatic download of the .iso file which if needed could be sent via mail after completion of download. What else were you expecting???


I can't send a 2 or 3 gb file in email, I need an http url ending in ". iso" to send myself in email... to receive, then download, then write to USB on my Win7 laptop. The Zorin site seems to be cloaking the link.

So win 7 PC is offline?
You will have to download it anyways!


Download Success on Win7! Using a different browser than Firefox the 2nd download link wasn't off screen. Burning the ISO right now. I figure Firefox must be in 125 scale. :roll_eyes:

its installed, running amazing on my 12 yr old i5 8gb native Intel 4000 graphics. so glad I installed it.


You click on that post that gave the solution where 3 dots are and select "Solution".

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