[Solved] Enter with Wayland by default

Hello everybody,

Zorin os 17 core.
So far I haven't had any problems with Wayland.

Is there any way to leave Wayland active by default?

Currently, to start with Wayland, on the login screen I have to click on the user, then on the gear icon and select Wayland Desktop...

Note: I changed the /etc/gdm3/custom.conf file,
Uncommented and changed this line:

But continue starting with X11 if i don't choose Wyaland when logging in

Answering myself, I need to add DefaultSession=zorin.desktop in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf.


Gday @macfly Welcome to the community!

I'm glad to see you have solved the issue.
Good job working it out, keep up the good work.

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