[SOLVED] Just bought a Brother MFC-L3720CDW for Linux support. Scanner drivers don't work

Title sums it up. I have it printing over USB, but scanner fails in Document Scanner.
I have NO idea how to get Wifi working in Linux.

Any have a good tutorial? Thanks,

Did you download all necessary drivers from here?


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I don't know about scanner. My own scanner does not work, and I have delayed looking for a fix. However regarding getting the printer to work over WIFI, did you see Zorin's own guide? I used that guide and my Brother printer works over WIFI (the link goes directly to the guide section regarding Brother printers):

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Yup. Multiple times.
I've gotten the USB print working.

Okay, first install Synaptic Package Manager from Software, then launch it, (you will need to provide your login password), then search for gdebi. Install that. Now run an update in the terminal,

sudo apt-get update

Then restart computer.
Launch Gdebi, then select file and open. Browse to the downloaded .deb file (scanner driver, not tool). It will tell you if all dependencies are met. Then, if no issues, click on Install. After installation, see if Document Scanner works.

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I tried Zorin's guide. Still no luck.

No love in the scanner debt. It starts to work, and the scanner moves and makes noises. Then FAIL!

Well, I don't know if USB works, but Network scanning does!!!!

The answer was in the reply.
I replaced the posters info with my own.

It's scanning and printing over the network, and that's all I need.

Thanks for everyones help.