[SOLVED] [LITE] How to use Command+C instead of Ctrl+C?

Same thing applied on Paste(⌘+V), Select All(⌘+A), Print(⌘+P), Undo(⌘+Z), etc.

The reason I or maybe another mac user ask for this because of the mac different keyboard layout compared to regular laptop layout. especially the lower left keys.

on regular laptop, it goes like this Ctrl, Fn, Super(with windows logo), Alt, then Space

on Mac device, it goes like this Fn, Ctrl, Alt/Option, , then Space

for most people who has regular laptop, it is easy to do Ctrl + C naturally because it is located on the very corner of the keyboard, so when people asked for ⌘ + C or Super + C, it will confuse them, as the location of the combination key is not as natural as it seems on their keypad layout.

as for Mac user, using Ctrl + C is very very uncomfortable because the Ctrl is located on the 2nd slot from far bottom left, while key is just next to the space.

I'm a little glad that I can use ⌘+Q for closing windows, and ⌘+W for minimize windows just like how mac should be. But other than that, I have no idea how to change them.

Are you seeing about re-mapping keyboard shortcuts?

wait, that's ubuntu right?

The only shortcut editor I found on Zorin are Application shortcut under keyboard, and Shortcut under Window Manager.

There's a thing called "Alt/Win Key Behaviour" on Ubuntu, not sure if it's applicable on Zorin Lite, since it's GNOME based. and I heard they removed it somehow.

Ah, sorry... I default to Zorin OS Core, since most use it. It is built off of Ubuntu (gnome).
Zorin OS Lite is built off of Xubuntu (XFCE4).
The XFCE docs may be more helpful to you:

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AHA, I found an answer.

Since Zorin Lite uses XFCE, I went to see about xfce solution.

Then I got this :
setxkbmap -option ctrl:swap_lwin_lctl

To make it permanent, use this:
echo -option ctrl:swap_lwin_lctl >> ~/.Xkbmap

and it worked like charm, though it just manipulate the command and control key, but I think it's not a problem, for now it is.

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