Solved: now working - select text on touchscreen and drag to expand. Solution: use xorg instead of Wayland

I switched from Wayland to xorg at the login screen, via the cogwheel at the bottom right hand corner.

Now, I can press and hold my finger on a word of text, observe that the word becomes highlighted with pegs at either end and then drag either peg to expand the selection of more text around the word. With Wayland, I couldn't drag the pegs.

My touchscreen tablet PC is a Panasonic FZ-G1 MkIII ToughPad.

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Also working, as a result of using xorg, along with the now draggable pegs to expand selection, is the cut, copy and paste pop up options seen with the selection. These work with xorg, but hadn't worked with Wayland.

So that's also good news that I can choose a Window Manager where they do work. :+1: